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Serenata Filipina

SUN Aug 17 @ 7:00PM

Cambodian Music Festival
15 Artists | One Stage | One Epic Event
SUN Aug 3 @ 3PM

Headlined by Los Angeles rock band Dengue Fever, the Cambodian Music Festival is more than just a fun day of being captivated by the original music of inspired artists. It is about supporting and participating in a larger movement. We answer a louder call to rebuild and restore an artistic legacy that was nearly destroyed by the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. The driving force of this renaissance is the refusal to be defined by this tragic past. Transcendence lies within the creation of these new works, which humbly strive to replace what was nearly lost. Dance to the rhythms as the stories unfold of what we survived and why we survived.

Artists Performing

  • Dengue Fever
  • CS
  • Bochan 
  • Indradevi 
  • Jay Chan
  • JL Jupiter 
  • Khmer 1 Jivit
  • Khmer Kid
  • Laura Mam
  • Lil Crazed 
  • Lisha 
  • praCh
  • RJ Sin
  • Savy
  • The Cambodian Space Project



Ticket Information


Tickets: $50

VIP Package: $200

Premium reserved seating and preshow party on August 2 at Universal Sheraton Hotel that includes show, gift bag and dancing.


Group Discount: 10% 8-15 Tickets

Group Discount: 20% 16+ Tickets