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What the critics are saying about
The Romance of Magno Rubio:


"Pure theatricality enlivens The Romance of Magno Rubio at [Inside] the Ford. This arresting take on Carlos Bulosan's celebrated short story about a migrant Filipino farm worker in Depression-era California conveys inspired kinetic craft. - Critic's Choice, LA Times Read the review.

"The entire ensemble is fantastic, their movements crisp and energetic, their expressions full of vivacity and their vocals beautifully harmonic. The show, at its core, has the bawdy, wonderful, put-it-all-out-there-ness of a well-done Shakespeare play." - "GO" LA Weekly Read the review.

"With pure honesty, I must admit and declare myself a true lover of The Romance of Magno Rubio. This play is an unforgettable tale of romance, love, survival and pursuit of the so-called American Dream. A production filled with articulate thrills, distinct laughs, and prolific musical segments that rhyme, The Romance of Magno Rubio is the must-see play of the season."
-Campus Circle Read the review.

"This well-crafted, multi-textured and multi-layered play illustrated the lyrical nature of our language: Tagalog, with its cascading musicality of tone and words. It also showcased the robust creativity and play of imagination that Filipinos have. They saw nature as extensions of themselves and used it as a form of expression, until they were later silenced and abruptly constrained by the raw displays of racism, exclusion and depraved working conditions—the dis-embodied American dream. Metaphorically, as the romance of Clarabelle by Magno Rubio." - Asian Journal Read the review.

“Told partly in rhymed couplets and incorporating traditional Filipino art forms, such as the use of the rattan sticks used by Eskrima, the martial arts of the Philippines, The Romance of Magno Rubio is epic storytelling that casts a magical spell on the audience.” – Edge Los Angeles Read the review.

"But the reason to go see The Romance of Magno Rubio isn't a passion for diversity. In fact, that's rarely enough to make good art. It's the remarkably touching and human performance given by Jon Jon Briones as Magno Rubio." - KCRW Listen to (or read) the review.

"This is a fun and entertaining show; the play is broken up periodically by farm workers serving as chorus and comedy relief, segments of the show are spoken in Tagalog and there are some amusingly inventive dance and fight sequences. One of the show's stand-out moments comes during a slow-motion fistfight between Claro and Magno." - Hey Melpomene Read the review.

"The Romance of Magno Rubio by Lonnie Carter and directed by Bernardo Bernardo at the Ford Theatre is absolutely wonderful! In all my many years in theatre I have not seen anything like this.  It is a terrific show from the moment the actors appear on stage to the moment they leave. This show is magnificent and inspiring!  It will also break your heart. Run to see this production!" - Joe Straw #9 Read the blog post.

"These guys have worked hard together and it shows. Jon Jon Briones, despite his small stature, has enormous stage presence and easily carries the show. His portrayal of Magno Rubio is big-hearted and endearing. A story that celebrates the indomitable spirit of the earliest Pinoys in California, The Romance of Magno Rubio reminds us that they are still with us today and in greater numbers than ever before." - Stage and Cinema Read the review.


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