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What the critics are saying about
Naked Before God:


“…the marvelous Jennifer A. Skinner plays [Kristen] as loopy, grounded, and unabashedly sexy all at the same time. Like a bunch of teenage boys, we’re smitten with Kristen from the start as she prepares for her day, chain-smoking and sifting through daily calendar affirmations while hanging on every word of a Christian radio show.” – Jennie Webb, Back Stage 


What are they looking at?'ll have to come to the play to find out. And, yes, it is that shocking.

"Pornography and religion are pretty obvious targets for satire, so it's no surprise when comedies concerning these subjects frequently fall short of awesome. Leo Geter's new play, Naked Before God, however, happily manages to avoid clichés. Although the circumstances of the play are deliberately farcical, the characters are not written condescendingly -- they're not a joke. Even more happily, the play is very funny, and the current production by Circle X Theatre Company is smart and eminently enjoyable." 


"If you're looking for the perfect date-night out then Naked Before God is better than seeing The Lucky One at the Cineplex. The after-show conversation will definitely be livlier." - M.R. Hunter, Eye Spy LA


“Writer/director Leo Geter is the mastermind behind this work.  Act one is a series of toppers – just when you think things can’t get more complicated, they do.  Act two is a series of twists – Geter gleefully rips the rug out from under us at every turn.  The playwright also gives lie to the old reviewer’s chestnut that ‘a playwright should never direct his own work.’  Geter's staging is at times naturalistic, and the moments of slapstick that do occur flow naturally and logically from the narrative.” – Andrew Moore, Mad Theatrics

 And then hilarity ensues...

“Is it possible for a comedy about porn and religion to work, or to even imply that the two business’s might not be that far apart? Yes, it is - if you are The Circle X Theatre Co. and your new work is Naked Before God which recently opened at [Inside] The Ford in Los Angeles. Wonderfully close to farce and deliciously more than satire, writer-director Leo Geter brings the dichotomy of these two seemingly opposite enterprises into hilarious coexistence. With a terrific cast in tow, Geter and his production team has brought to LA one of the best plays of the season so far.”
– Mary Wright, the imitated life


“Geter allows his writing and his actors to show us real people: comedic in their simplicity and human in their naiveté.” – James Eliopulos, The Los Angeles Beat


 “…reflective of the issues in the raunchy cable sitcom Californication. There are laughs and an odd family situation that just might work for Reality TV. Playwright/Director Leo Geter has conceived a situation steeped in silly dramatics that hits the stage at sixty miles an hour and for two fast paced acts.” – Sheehan, On Stage Los Angeles

  Why is he holding a gun? And, why is the other guy naked? You'll have to come see the play to find out.

“There are plenty of laughs and we even see a little skin, but the points are made if you are paying attention.” – Robert Machray, Stage Mage


“Leo Geter has written an engaging, entertaining and incredibly funny play, which is brought admirably to life by Circle X.” – Barnaby Hughes, Stage and Cinema (Spoiler alert – this review gives away all of the plot.)


"Pornography, religion, family ties and the military collide in grand style in Leo Geter's madcap contemporary farce given a sharply polished world-premiere staging at [Inside] the Ford by the adventurous Circle X Theatre Company. . . . The cast members hurl themselves into their roles, with Skinner bringing a breathtakingly bold abandon to the manic Kristen, hilariously hanging on to her high hopes by a thread. McClellan has an easy charm as the dozy son, and Kays brings some expert underplaying to Carly's razor-sharp repartee. By the sheer force of his compelling and wonderfully surprising performance, Clarke's Vinnie becomes the heart of the play, an outsized vet on the lam with layers of secrets surrounding a heart of gold." – Christopher Cappiello, Frontiers Magazine 


“A porn star’s life is ripe with comedy and melodrama, and playwright Leo Geter mines this funky fecund material to humorous effect in Naked Before God, which he also directs.” – Ed Rampell, Hollywood Progressive


A feather pillow can be so comforting...“Leo Geter, the power behind Circle X’s hilarious new play, has a lot going for him. It seems he has created that wackiest of all genres, ‘the aging porn star gets religion,’ along with the requisite cast of irredeemable characters for his new play, Naked Before God. Each of the characters is rounded out by the distinctively individualistic acting from Circle X’s cadre of performers. From Skinner’s Carol Burnett-like style to Clarke’s commando turn and Foley’s always ominous gee-whiz portrayal – all help bump the writing to the next level of laughter.” – Leigh Kennicott, Stage Happenings


“ engaging, fun and enlightening experience. The willingness of the sheep to be shorn, for me, was the essence and the softly stated brilliance of Naked Before God. The point wasn’t that people will try anything to make a living, that they will chase fame, adulation and wealth in any screwball scheme they can dream up and turn their flaws of character and intellect into money and notoriety. No, the point is that we are a culture that accepts their telling us that they are somehow better than us because of their flaws.  And we then, surprisingly soon, proceed to elevate them, enshrine them and, along the way, enrich them.” –  James Eliopulos, The Los Angeles Beat